Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good-Bye Winter... Hello Spring!!!

Here I am at the Valley of the Temples!!! Behind me you can see a Buddha Temple. This Temple brings peace, love, and happiness... sounds pretty good to me.

Marnie and I enjoy our little field trip on our circle island tour with a bunch of new freshmen. I wanted to meet some fresh blood out here and figured this would be a good way. Say hello to Mr. School Bus.Here I am with my good friends Paul and Gibby at a beautiful look out. It was a little windy as you can see... my hair in my face, but still the view was as pretty as ever.
Check out these baked goods. Don't they look delish??? We found them at the swap meet. Kandis you will be glad to know I found myself an amazing pair of Tai fisherman pants... and I love them!!!
Here I am with my little Mandy Moo at Shark's Cove. What can I say, its just another fun day out on our little island Oahu.

This is me up in a tree I climbed up at Turtle Bay and my friend Beana had fun snapping some shots on her camera. I don't know who had more fun me posing or her taking the pictures... plus I got to watch some surfers catch some pretty good waves while I was up there.
Here is another picture Beana took. This one was taken inside Turtle Bay Resort. I had some fun changing the colors to make it pop a bit.
A group of us girls all went out to dinner in Haleiwa, up one the North Shore. We ended up going to Haleiwa Eats which is know for having the best Tai food on the island. And I have to say is it was pretty good.
Now this next picture represents one of my craziest memories here... are you ready for this???
Brace yourself...
Ok, here goes... there is this famous rock at Waimea Beach that is 25 feet tall and everyone jumps off into the ocean. Well, so we decided to go at mid-night and jump off in the dark...
NAKED!!! Yep that's right you heard me right... NAKED!!! It was the best skinny dipping experience ever. Talk about crazy!!!
Here is a picture of Tori, my love, and me making mini S'mores out of mini marshmallows and M&M's and teddy grahams. It was so fun roasting the mallows over a little lighter. It was great.
Mandy, Tori, and I all spoon together in this tiny tent and camp out over on Huki Lau Beach. Man, do I love camping. I miss my Christina Lake though!!! I can't wait to go summer 2010!!!
There were about 30 of us that turned out for the bonfire and about 20 that stayed the night. People come where the fire is- what can I say?
Well, Winter semester is over and now spring has come which means now I am back in school and I only have one year left. I am a senior in college and want to get this show on the road. The count down in on!!! Wish me luck!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Too much Fun!!!

Last weekend we had a party for our dear friend Brittney down in Waikiki since she's getting married. We all got dressed up for the special occasion. Tori helped me get all dolled up and this is what we came up with...
Us girls had too much fun down on the streets of the Waikiki strip. There is nothing like having a girls night out on the town.
This next picture is of me and Tori walking down the street together. My roomies have really become my sisters and best friends. I feel so blessed to have them in my life. I couldn't have picked better roommates if I tried. Thanks for being the bomb ladies!!!

Here we are at dinner at The California Pizza Kitchen. It was so good... then again we were all super hungry since we didn't get there until 10 PM. We got to eat out on the balcony- which made it all better.

Take a look at this... this is the remote we had in our hotel room. I thought of you Dad and how we got you one of those for Christmas thinking that might help you see the buttons. I think it broke... but maybe we should think about getting another one for you.

Wake up sleepy head!!! We crammed 6 of us in a little hotel room... so I was booted off the bed and had to sleep on the floor, but I came prepared with my own sheets. What can I say, I'm a thinker.

Once we were up it was off to the famous Waikiki beach for us. It felt like we were tourists on vacation just like everyone else down there, it was great.

We strike a pose!!! You can see all of our different personalities come out here. Left to right we have: Stef, Anna, Mandy, Brittney, and me of course.

Tori does a good job and captures us on camera walking down the strip. The sun is out, we are smiling, and life good!!! It doesn't get much better than this.
Our weekend vaca was awesome. We had a blast letting lose and being fancy free!!!
Below is a picture of Joy, Tori, Mandy, and I playing up on our roof. Yep that's right we can get up on top of our house. It is a great place to take the boys... for star gazing of course!!!

Here I am being a rock star on the roof. PS- the view from up there is incredible!!!

Here we are at Huki Lau Cafe for breakfast. That's right once again you see me on a bike. I love riding around with my girls.


We have all sorts of fun together. Here is a list of a few things we did together:
  • Go on a bike ride
  • Go snorkeling
  • Get musubi and acai bowls
  • Play in some massive waves
  • Jump off of Waimai rock
  • See some Hawaiian ruins
  • Get kicked out of the PCC
  • Eat at Huki Lau Cafe
  • Go to the Temple Visitor Center
I am so happy I got to see Blake and show him around my little world out here in Hawaii. Who's next to visit??? I would love to be a tour guide for anyone and everyone. That's code for... COME VISIT!!!
This is my back yard on the point. This is what I see everyday from my window. I know your jealous. (He He)

Here Tori and I are in a cave that takes you out to the ocean. Can you see the water behind us and to the left? You can snorkel from this cave right out to the ocean. Pretty cool, huh?
Below: This is a tree I found on Temple Beach that I climbed up and decided to use for one of my 22 things I want to do before I turn 22. Can you guess what one that is???

If you guessed carving a special boy's name in a tree, you're right!!! Now you are probably wondering who's the lucky boy... well that is going to remain a secret. Sorry.

I also I got to cross another thing off of my list... I went kite flying!!! Mandy and I loved flying Dora the Explorer high in the sky. I felt like such a child- so care free, giggling and smiling, while running along the beach with a kite in my hand.
I loved flying my kite!!! And I am so glad I got to share that with my Mandy Moo. I have so much fun with this girl- she is all about soaking up the moment and living life to the fullest. Mandy thanks for teaching me so much about living and loving each moment.

Until next time... GO FLY A KITE!!! Let the kid come out in you!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best Saturday EVER!!!

So last Saturday was the best day ever!!! We woke up and started the day off by going to breakfast at Huli Lau. And then it was time to hit up the bus and go to Waimea beach. There we jumped off the big 25 foot rock and had so much fun simply swimming around.

Then it was time for my to cross something off my list of 22 things to do before I turn 22. SO... Mandy and Derek decided to bury me in the sand.

They turned me into the best lookin' Merman anyone has ever seen. Look at those muscles!!!
The sand got heavy and it was time to break free. Once I emerged out of my little sand cocoon I had sand all over me. The sand made me sparkle in the sun!!! Take a look.

After soaking up lots of rays Derek, Anna, and I hit the road with our thumbs waving through the air... that's right we were hitch hiking. We got picked up by 5 different people and each time the people got a little bit crazier. We had a blast eating shaved ice, going shopping, dancing in the road, and going to a little shrimp shack. Good times!!!

Below is a picture of me and my new talent. My good friend Ryan Stoker taught me how to brake an apple in half with just my bare hands. I know, I know I am quite the muscle woman.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A little piece of SUNSHINE

I really am living on a little piece of Heaven on earth!!!
This is the view from my back porch. Can you believe I wake up to this everyday? How lucky am I? One of my favorite things to do is eat my breakfast on my porch. Unfortionitally, since I have started working I am up before the sun, but Saturdays are the perfect morning for a good breakfast on the porch. Oh, and us girls love climbing up on the roof... you can see everything from up there. It's beautiful day and night. It is a great place to go at night to go star gazing. I have seen many shooting stars from up there.

This is a picture of bikini beach right behind my house. I love going down there as often as I can. In fact, just the other night I enjoyed some nice skinny dipping with my girls. There is nothing better than being totally free in the ocean.

This next picture might come as a bit of a surpise to some, but here I am with my roomie Tori riding home on a bike. Yes it's true... I have finally learned how to ride a bike. In fact, I love riding!!! I am going to be buying my first bike in 2 weeks and I can't wait to have a bike of my own. Family this means you can't tease me anymore for not knowing how to ride a bike!!!

Ok, so this Hammock has a story behind it. One day I was walking home from work and decided to walk along the beach and have a little picnic. My day was already going perfect when I looked over and saw this hand-made hammock. It was like a dream out of a movie. I mean how often do you just run into a perfect little hammock on the beach? Turns out my friend Jake actually made it one day when he came across a washed up fishing net. This hammock has turned into one of my new favorite places.

Ulrika (My Swedish friend) and I came across this big, fat monster truck. That thing would take us out and not even know it. The sad thing is the people in the truck probably wouldn't even notice either. HA! I love big trucks, but lets be real that thing is a little too big for it's own good.

Below is a picture of some of us girls at Ulrika's going away party. Left to right we have:
Sophia, Steph, Mandy, Ulrika, Joy, and then Anna is in the yellow and that's me popping out. Oh, how I love my girls!!! I am going to miss Ulrika!!! We have become way good friends. I am just going to have to visit her next summer when I am traveling around Europe.

So when it rains in Hawaii... IT POURS!!! Here I am riding a bike throught the pouring down rain. Talk about being soaking wet and hydroplaning through some massive puddles. But heck it sure did make a good memory.

This is a picture after the big rain storm. Ulrika and I went to the PCC night show and I just sat there shivering wet and cold. But hey like I said before it sure did make for a good memory.



Friday, March 20, 2009

Peek-A-Boo...take a peek into my crazy, busy life!!!

I have turned into a crazy busy working bee. Below is a picture of me hard at work. Dad taught me well how to get down and dirty and to use my tools. You can take that how ever you would like. HA! No, just kidding. A few weeks ago I ended up getting two jobs and I started working 60 hours a week. One job was at Angel's Ice Cream and the other was my old job from last week at the Seasider Cafe on campus. They asked me to come back full time as a supivisor. How cool is that? I love being back. I feel at home back there washin' my dishes and gettin' it done. I know how to run most everything... from the ice cream and sandwiches to the grill and stir fry. It feels good to be a working woman. I did however end my job at Angel's so I would have a little more time to play. You know me and playin'!!! WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!!! That's my motto.

One nice afternoon, Joy and I decided to hit up the North Shore just for the fun of time. We had a ball hitting up the beach and then we did a little shopping. Mostly we just had fun being silly togther. I love my little bundle of "JOY".

This is a picture of my good friend Anthony. Anthony just got baptized and I am so happy for him!!! He has completely changed his life and turned it over to God. Go Anthony- YOU ROCK!!!

Our basketball team rocked it this year!!! I had loads of fun cheering them on. Wednesday was our biggest game in our Seasider history. We had over 4,000 people show up to watch. I have been helping with consessions. From yelling out sale pitches and screaming for our team I totally woke up sick with a bad sore throat. No fun at all!!!

Here is a picture of my peeps. We sure do love loading up on pizza and ice cream. There is nothing pizza and ice cream can't fix... well maybe not everything. They don't seem to help with my love handles, but heck I figure everyone wants a little love to hold on to... and I got a lot of love. (He He)